Procurement & Supply Services

Great Service Company

Great Service Company, one of the solid reputation we have gained is the provision of procurement services . We have a staff well experienced in this field by knowing exactly the products required, quality needed; at the best available prices

We evaluate our vendors continuously and enforce the highest compliance and quality standards in order to ensure that the products and services we provide meet and exceed client requirements. Our transparent, competitive tender process fosters long-term business partnerships with our vendors, while also ensuring that our clients receive the best total cost of ownership solution

Our Procurement Specializations Include:

  • Cabins
  • Camp Utilities and Supplies
  • Construction Machinery and Materials
  • Food, water and Groceries
  • Fuel and Vehicles
  • Computers and Electrical Equipment
  • Home, Office Furniture and Supplies
  • Health
  • Security
  • Safety and Environment Equipment
  • Maintenance Tools and Consumables
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